Chocolate Chocolate and MORE Chocolate

Well the Ultimate Chocolate Weekend has arrived at the MonkeeJesson abode.

Easter Weekend.

My fondest childhood memories of Easter are when I would get dressed up in a in a new Easter dress, go to church with the family, and then have Dad’s famous pancakes for breakfast. The only chocolate my brother & I used to get was one hollow chocolate egg from Purdy’s with our name written in sweet, sweet, white icing. The other eggs we got were either just coloured ones that were empty/blown-out (and we were the ones who did all the blowing until we passed out) or hard-boiled dyed ones, which, if you know me, was something I did not want to find, as that would mean I would have to EAT one.

I just got the Yucky Shivers!

But then again, we didn’t have cousins that were near our age. They were either so much older than us, that we called them Uncle or Aunty, or they were just babies.

Jackson & Easton have cousins very close in age to them. My niece is 6 months younger than Jackson-to the day, my nephew is 6 months younger than Easton, and my other nephew is a year younger than Easty.

5 kids under 5. So when all the Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, and us all pooled our Easter Chocolate together, it was a plethora of Cocoa Goodness. I think if we had a chocolate addict amongst the family, they would have definitely overdosed 10 times over.

I was laughing at how LONG it took Aunty K, Uncle P, and my Man to hide the chocolate. Also, where they hid the chocolate was a riot. I don’t know who it was, but one adult hid the chocolate on the piano keys UNDER the piano fall (the thingy that covers the piano keys).

Honestly, the egg hunt was the most entertaining, funniest experience, for us parents. Five kids surrounded by SO much chocolate, that they wouldn’t see it when it was RIGHT IN FRONT of them. They were too frenzied looking for the next stash, that they were not looking where they were even walking.

Every so often, I heard SQUEALS of CHOCOLATE finds everywhere. I do believe the Jesson genes are strong, as it was hard to determine if the high pitched squeals were coming from my niece or from Easty. Personally, I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. There were definitely some tears of laughter during the Jesson Chocolate Easter Egg Frenzy.

I have battled my children for years over trying to control treats. Just recently, I have stopped battling and I have just let them have at it on special days. My kids eventually just stop eating the candy/chocolate on their own. Perhaps we may have some soft poops, but it has never gotten to the point where they have vomited up chocolate. Even if they did vomit up chocolate, they hate “being sick” so much that it probably may help to curb an excessiveness of chocolate/candy consumption. Also, I am sick of arguing, JUST ONE MORE AND THAT’S IT, I hate that with a passion most of all. Hey it’s usually a holiday, it’s usually not their regular day anyway.

I have noticed with some of my other Mom friends that this really works for them. I am finding this is working for me because it is usually me, not the Man who has to play the bad parent/cop, and I don’t have anyone begging me or flipping out because they cannot have JUST ONE MORE. Honestly, it makes life easier for us all.

Here is where I am asking you all in the blogosphere. What is your chocolate policy? Do you regulate it? If so, when do you stop? Do you let them have at it? All day or for a few hours? Just Curious.

I can’t wait until I have one more niece or nephew next year! My prediction BOY.

Don’t tell anyone but I snagged all the GOOD Lindt chocolate bunnies for myself.

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