Casualties of Jackson

**Excuse the poor quality of the photos. My camera was dropped, which jammed the lens. I just have my iPhone that needs to be replaced.***

Lately, we been having a lot of casualties at home. So many that we have our own little rehabilitation unit.

Honestly, I do not know what happens. They just all of a sudden lose their limbs. Below the knee, above the knee, or sometimes they just lose their heads in general. Currently we have some limbs but can’t seem to find the rest of the Spiderman bodies.

Small toys. This was actually a Christmas ornament that my Mom bought. It became a toy. Now it is a broken toy. I was informed it was a collectible.

Big toys. This is a Buzz Lightyear that my friend bought for me in DisneyWorld because at the time it was IMPOSSIBLE to find one. Anywhere. This happened within a half hour he got him. He travelled some 1000 odd miles, just to have his foot broken off. Beyond. Repair.

Even Cinderella cannot escape the wrath of Jackson. Look at those fingers.

Easty wanted me to FIX IT! Um, yeah, not gonna happen.

There is no way that Ben 10 even had a fighting chance.

Poor Echo Echo. How long do you think he will last?


  1. Photogirl says:

    maybe Jackson needs to learn the value in respecting his toys.. for every toy he damages, he gets another toy taken away.. but then follow thru would have to happen.. once the toy is gone.. it's gone.. hmmm…

  2. Free2bMommy says:

    Indeed, no toy is safe. They r his toys though, I tell my kids, "you are not going to get another one, so if you want to treat your toys like that, you will only hurt yourself." Of course when they are small its hard for them to understand but I just keep repeating it until they get it.

    Great blog! Im now a follower!!


  3. alabaster cow says:

    lol i'm guessing echo echo won't last long! found you through mbc – i'm a follower now 🙂

  4. Heligirl says:

    OMG, I think I peed myself reading this. Too hilarious! I found you through MBC and am a follower looking forward to reading more of your creativity. I love fellow funny mommy bloggers. 🙂


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