Kindergarten Registration – A Summary

Question: Does how much I love my child depend on how early I will get up to line up for Kindergarten? We shall answer that later.

I lined up in the pitch black shadow of Hazelgrove Elementary, only after I stopped by Starbucks for a Venti and a breakfast sandwich.

I knew that our encatchment was large, but really it’s not just large, it’s RIDICULOUS.

At 8:00am in the morning, on January 18th, our public school was holding registration for the fall Kindergarten classes. As Easty is going to be in preschool and there is only a morning class, I thought I would go early to ensure that Jackson was in the morning.

After much dicussion with many moms, I planned on going at 6:30am. I believe the Man laughed at me when he heard I was getting up that early. More for disbelief than that it was necessary to do so. I also thought I was maybe being overly cautious as Jackson’s school was not implementing full-day Kindergarten. Personally I do not want Jackson in full-day. I do not work a full week, so half-days work fine for me. I enjoy spending time with my little man. I personally think he has too many ants in his pants to be there all day, right now anyway, who knows how he will be in 9 months.

I was happy not to have to make that full day decision. I also was not going to enroll him into French immersion, which is notorious for their line-ups, so I thought I was fine.

Seriously. When I went to the front of the school entrance, I couldn’t see anything, so I almost turned around thinking I was insane but I didn’t, PHEW. When I got there, I saw camping chairs, tents, laterns, coffee makers, and a really weird wonky line-up, made up of mostly all my neighbours.

I laughed the BIG laugh.

I guess that I am not in the Neighbourhood loop. As pretty much my whole ‘hood around me with kids the same age as Jacksy, was lined up ahead of me.

I asked my police officer neighbour, as he was #1 in line, what time he got there. It was 4am. He also kind of gave me that answer in a matter-of-a-fact tone, dare I read anything into they way he said it.

OhMyF@#$ingGod 4am. He said it was imperative that he be there that early, they had been supposedly planning this for a while. He would come after night shift and line-up with our other neighbourhood parents.

The staff took mercy on us parents and let us in, where we all received a number.

I was #32.

Kindergarten classes are made up of 22 students so Jackson should be able to get into one of the two or three morning sessions. Thankfully I got up early but I really felt sorry for all those other parents, who unsuspectingly probably found out too late how large our encatchment is.

I thought I was an informed parent, with friends in the school system, and the fact that I researched all the information that I needed to have online. I think I was all PMS-teary gathering up all the information I needed. And you need TONS: Your childs birth certificate; ID/Passports both your child & you; a piece of mail with your current address-that isnt older than 2 months; something stating that the child is yours-I luckily just had a extended health care-as Js birth certificate does not state we are the parents. I actually needed more information than to get his passport.

This is the problem with being in an area of high suburban growth.

Funny AWKWARD moment happened when I started chatting with one of the familiar faces in line. I thought it was a friend-of-a-friend that I knew. I asked her how she knew all my neighbours and I joked, how I guess that I am not in the gossip pool of the ‘HOOD, as everyone is ahead of me in line from my street and across the way.

She kind of gave me a funny look.

Later I realized that she is my NEIGHBOUR as well. I just usually chat with her husband more, as he is overly friendly & super chatty, and only wave to her when she is having a cigarette on the porch. I knew she looked familiar.

Are my kids too old to claim Baby Brain anymore?

I am SUCH an idiot. It is going to be hard to dislodge that big old size 9 1/2 outta my mouth. Luckily I have yet to see her as I do not know what to say, well except to joke and say that I obviously thought she was someone else. Honestly, I think I only recognize her with the cigarette in her mouth.

Answer to the question: NO, but unfortunately that was the impression I got, but if you love morning K-sessions and bragging rights, you can say YES.

I sometimes have too look at my life and just laugh.

I was an unsuspecting 20 year old back in the day, who thought she would be smoking menthols and petting her 15 cats as she rocked on her front porch with her friend Jane sipping wine. Our days would consist of talking about the young-dumb-and full of well-you-know from days gone by.

AH-YAH-NO not quite how I predicted it but OH-SO-LOVING how it is turning out.

Even if it does consist of getting up WAY too early for public school.

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